Since 1975 Fralibra has been CASA/ EADS C212 fleet Services Representative in Portugal supporting to Portuguese Air Force and OGMA. From 2009 to 2021 Fralibra has been the logistic FISS C295 SERVICES PROVIDER for the Portuguese Air Force in their MoB Montijo and SoB Azores/Madeira.

FISS is the performance-based solution that has being developed by AIRBUS Military Aircraft Services to provide the customer with performance-driven solutions for several levels of services. Fralibra has been the first logistic FISS provider in AIRBUS for C295 fleet.

This new logistic FISS contract measured by material availability covers all logistic services needed on behalf of customers such as Spares and Repairs inbound/outbound flows, scraps management, import and export, shipments, ordering desk, Packaging and warehouse management. After 23 years providing this Logistic FISS Services, FRALIBRA is the most experienced FISS provider of Airbus.